List of all Schools belonging to the Archdiocese of Miami

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Dick Vitale: Faith, Family and Foul Shots

IN THE WORLD OF SPORTS, Dick Vitale and college basketball are synonymous. That’s understandable given that he’s devoted over 50 years of his life to the game in one capacity or another.

“Basketball has been a vital part of my life,” says Vitale. “Basketball has given me a lot more ...

Pope accepts cardinal's decision to renounce duties

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Pope Francis accepted Scotland Cardinal Keith O'Brien's decision to renounce all "duties and privileges" associated with being a cardinal.

The former archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, who resigned in 2013 after admitting to sexual misconduct, will no longer exercise the role of a cardinal, including by ...

Franciscan Media Announces Jean Vanier 2015 Book Debuts

Franciscan Media announced this week its release of two new works from the 2015 Templeton Prize laureate, Jean Vanier, later this year. The Gospel of John, The Gospel of Relationship, and Life’s Great Questions each examine the love of God and our purpose on earth as only the ...

Despite low Catholic marriage numbers, some see trend turning around

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- The number of Catholic marriages in the United States is at its lowest point since 1965.

Georgetown University's Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate keeps records of Catholic Church statistics going back to 1965, tracking such things as the total number of priests, the Catholic population of the ...

Humanity's future depends on protecting, sharing water, pope says
VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- The future of humanity depends on safeguarding and sharing potable water around the world, Pope Francis said.

"I encourage, therefore, the international community to make sure the planet's water is adequately protected and no one is excluded or discriminated against" in the fair use of this resource, ...

More than pretty images: Church art helps teach faith

Having so much world-famous art housed in Rome's churches and chapels has risked turning the city's sacred spaces into sightseer circuses.

A hushed prayerful atmosphere for the faithful is often broken by clicking cameras and tourists exchanging guidebook details.

But one Rome attraction has managed to hold on to its spiritual side, according ...

Catholic Church helps immigrants in new ways

The Catholic Church in the United States has had a long history of being a voice for immigrants and it continues to do so but in new ways, said speakers at a March 12 conference at The Catholic University of America.

There has been so much church involvement on this issue that ...

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