List of all Schools belonging to the Archdiocese of Miami

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I Was Homeless
Bible reading has gotten me into trouble over and over again.

This began to happen when I went to live in subsidized housing for two years. There, the social worker, who was the assistant to the director, threatened me with a day-treatment program for the mental health-challenged because, as ...

Refugees in Lebanon get help at Catholic-run clinic

BEIRUT (CNS) -- The three Iraqi retirees met up at St. Anthony's medical dispensary to get medication for hypertension, an ailment exacerbated by the stress of life as a refugee.

As they waited their turn, they recalled their life in Qaraqosh, Iraq.

"We celebrated everything together," 70-year-old Wissam told Catholic News Service. ...

Thanksgiving Should Be a Verb

Sometimes it’s easier to think of all the bad things—bombings, murders, illness, misfortune—in the world than the good things. But we must ...

Feast of Thanks
Often when asked to name a special family time, people’s responses cluster around meals: Christmas dinner, birthday parties, a vacation cookout by the shore, a wedding banquet. Their intuition is sound: these special times are also sacred times. What better day to celebrate that connection than Thanksgiving?

It’s a holiday ...

Atlanta archbishop: School choice for all is a human right

GENEVA (CNS) -- Amendments to the constitutions of some U.S. states are preventing children from low- and middle-income minority families from better educational opportunities than what may be available in public schools, amounting to discrimination, the archbishop of Atlanta told a U.N. committee meeting in Geneva.

In remarks to the Committee on ...

Journalists claim freedom of press at 'VatiLeaks' trial

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Italian journalists standing trial in a Vatican court defended their right to freedom of the press, while the Vatican prosecution said the way they acquired confidential information was illegal.

All five people accused of involvement in leaking and publishing confidential documents about Vatican finances were present at the ...

Mali's Catholic leaders: Attack won't hurt relations with Muslims

OXFORD, England (CNS) -- The secretary-general of Mali's Catholic bishops' conference said he fears the Nov. 20 hotel attack in Bamako forms part of a wider Islamist campaign, but insisted Catholic-Muslim ties will not be affected by the latest violence.

Msgr. Edmond Dembele said the Nov. 20 assault on Bamako's Radisson hotel, ...

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