Parishes in the City of Miami

Saint Dominic

 5909 NW 7th Street
Miami, FL, 33126

(305) 264-0181 (305) 264-0182
Fax: (305) 262.4685
No eMail available
no schools icon No Catholic School

Rev. Alberto Rodríguez, OP
Rev. John Dominic Sims
Rev. Desiderio Eguino, O.P.
Rev. Restituto Pérez, O.P.
Rev. Jorge Presmanes, OP
Rev. Jose David Padilla, O.P.  Mass schedule
Daily: Monday - Friday: 8:30a.m.(English)
Saturday: 8:30a.m. (English)
Saturday Vigil: 6:00p.m.(English) 7:30p.m.(Spanish)
Sunday: 8:00a.m. (English)
9:30a.m., 1:00p.m., & 7:00p.m.(Spanish)
11:30a.m.(Bilingual / Children)

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