Catholic Schools in Miami

Saint Francis Xavier

 1682 NW 4th Avenue
Miami, FL, 33136Temporary Charter School
Theodore R. and Thelma A. Gibson Charter School
Parish icon See Saint Francis Xavier Church

For more than 40 years, FCCAP has served Catholic elementary and special education schools, currently including more than 180 schools within the Roman Catholic dioceses of Florida and the Diocese of Savannah, GA.
From general information to school-specific directives, EAS-ed offers a one-stop, interactive resource for superintendents, associates, principals, pastors, parents and other interested accreditation stakeholders.
Established in the 1969-1970 school year, the Florida Catholic Conference Accreditation Program (FCCAP) is known as one of the earliest and finest programs of its type in the nation.
The new official website for the Florida Catholic Conference Accreditation Program (FCCAP) is the Electronic Accreditation System for Education (EAS-ed).
The Florida Catholic Conference Accreditation Program (FCCAP) is a charter/founding member of:
Florida Association for Academic Non-Public Schools (FAANS)
National Council of Private School Accreditation (NCPSA)

Additional information:
Office of Independent Education & Parental Choice (OIEPC)
Florida Virtual School
Florida Department of Education
US Department of Education
US DOE Investing in Innovation (I3)
US DOE Office of Non-Public Education

In light of recent Child Sexual Abuse allegations in our community, FCCAP has put together information to assist and inform parents, guardians, and caregivers on how to approach a child?s disclosure of sexual abuse.

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