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This page was originally called Services, but is not actually offering any services. With the exception of listing the Catholic Churches and Schools, the Social Interaction of Catholics in south Florida is the main purpose of this website.

As you noticed we do not ask for donations anywhere on this site, instead we provided some links to other websites where you can Help.
Naturally we would be happy if you use some of the sister sites that offer services or use our Electronic Store to help keep this site running.

In order to make this site interesting and exciting, we need you to give us ideas and suggestions, so head on to the Community section and join the group.
Don't forget to heck out the interesting links, page, and let us know if you have more.

In case of a Hurricane see the Help in case of a Hurricane page,

I you need Help you can find on the websites mentioned on this page how you can seek help in case of need
If you need professional immigration services and attorney representation the Catholic Legal Services, (Archdiocese of Miami, Inc) can help you best

If you want to Help others

The work of Catholic Charities is deeply rooted in the Bible and the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.
The Six Principles of Catholic Social Teaching
  1. . Dignity of the Human Person
  2. . Community and the Common Good
  3. . Rights and Responsibilities
  4. . Option for the Poor
  5. . Dignity of Work
  6. . Solidarity
If you want to provide help for the needy best place to start is with

Catholic Health Services

is a ministry of the Archdiocese of Miami and the largest post acute provider in the southeast United States.
Catholic Health Services is a non-profit organization which provides health care and services to over 6,000 people of all faiths, on a daily basis.
The rapidly changing landscape in health care delivery, rising costs and diminishing public funding are seriously affecting the welfare of those in need of comprehensive rehabilitation and long term care. Many simply cannot afford such services.
In order to continue to provide health care and services to the poor, sick and vulnerable in our community, The CHS Foundation needs your gifts and donations.



Whether they are young or old, hungry or addicted, homeless or friendless, Catholic Charities sees the face of God in those in need. By providing food, clothing, shelter and counseling. ||  Catholic Campaign For Human Development - (CCHD)  || 

Help end child hunger

World Food Programme
WFP is the world's largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger.
As the United Nations frontline agency in the fight against hunger, WFP is continually responding to emergencies. We save lives by getting food to the hungry fast.

Florida Department of Children & Families - Helping individuals and families through integrated services

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